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The Delegation of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission visited the Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo

On 19 February 2018, Mr. Cherdchai Chaivaivid, Chargé d'affaires welcomed the delegation of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) led by General Sukit Khamasunthorn at the Royal Thai Embassy. The delegation of NBTC came to Japan on the occasion of study visit at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan. ...

06.14 Ambassador gave an interview to MCOT

... documentary.  The program focuses on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand’s mission from various perspectives and will be broadcasted in 8 episodes during August-September 2012.  The Ambassador emphasized the strong bond between Thailand and Japan,... ... its 125th anniversary.  He also mentioned about the embassy’s missions, including consular affairs, assistance to the Thai nationals in Japan affected by last year’s Great East Japan Earthquake, preparation for future disasters and promotion of Thai ...

Press Releases : Media registration for the event “Ten Years on: Remembering the Indian Ocean Tsunami” to be held at Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province on 26-27 December 2014

... the tragic event, relatives of those who lost their lives, the diplomatic corps and high-level representatives from the United Nations as well as from countries affected by the tragedy. Media interested in covering the remembrance event can find more details ... ... with copies of their 1) passport, 2) press ID card, 3) letter of identification from their press agency, 4) list of filming and broadcasting equipment (as applied), to or fax: +66 2643 2643, +66 2643 5089 from now until 20 December ...

Ambassador Attended an Event Organized by the Japanese National Tax Agency

... the Ishikawa Brewery in Fussa City, Tokyo. On 18 February 2016, The Ambassador attended an event organized by the Japanese National Tax Agency (NTA). Ambassadors from 9 countries attended the event, which was held at the Ishikawa Brewery in Fussa City,... ... the interview, that Japanese sake complements Thai cuisine quite nicely. The event, which was covered by TBS Television, was broadcast later the same day. Dim lights \

The Grand Tour That Saved a Nation: King Chulalongkorn’s European Sojourn as a Lesson in Soft Power

... liked by others and get them to do as you please. The term, as coined by Joseph Nye, helped explain the triumph of democracy over communism in the late 1980s. At that time, blue jeans, smuggled Bruce Springsteen cassette tapes, and Voice of America broadcasts traversed the Iron Curtain and spread the idea of freedom and democracy. These days, a nation’s soft power continues to be associated with the popularity of its culture, economic performance, and its positive foreign policy contributions. Getting a lot of “likes” reflects a country’s relative standing or ranking on the world stage ...
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