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Thai Ambassador paid a courtesy call on the Governor of Okinawa

On 30 October 2020, H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun paid a courtesy call on Mr. Denny TAMAKI, Governor of Okinawa, to congratulate Okinawa’s success in hosting the 7th Tourism Expo Japan 2020 as it is the first time that the Tourism Expo Japan has been held in Okinawa. On 30 October 2020, H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun paid a courtesy call on Mr....

เอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงโตเกียว เข้าเยี่ยมคารวะผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัดโอกินาวะ

... จึงทำให้ชาวโอกินาวะรู้สึกผูกพันกับชาวไทยมาก นอกจากนี้ ผู้ว่าฯ ยังได้ชื่นชมความสำเร็จของไทยในการจัดงาน Thai Expo Okinawa ครั้งที่ 1 ในปี 2562  ทั้งสองเห็นพ้องที่จะกระชับความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างประชาชนชาวไทยและชาวโอกินาวะในด้านการท่องเที่ยว  ...

Thai Ambassador joined Tourism Expo Japan 2020 in Okinawa

... Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun was invited to be a panelist, together with H.E. Ambassador of Spain to Japan and H.E. Ambassador of Egypt to Japan, at the International Tourism Forum in collaboration with UNWTO during the 7thTourism Expo Japan 2020, held in Okinawa. Participants included travel agencies and representatives from the Japanese government, etc.   On 29 October 2020, H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun was invited to be a panelist, together with H.E. Ambassador of Spain to Japan and H.E. Ambassador ...

Ambassador and spouse join the “United Rice Ball Project” at the Thai Residence

... differences between the texture of Thai rice and Japanese rice. Nowadays, besides its popularity at Thai food restaurants in Japan, Thai rice is also one of the important ingredients of Japanese cuisine such as, Awamori (alcoholic beverage produced in Okinawa), Senbei (Japanese rice cracker), Shoyu and Miso. Moreover, Ambassador’s Spouse also introduced Thai style Rice ball mixed with Green Curry, Thai Mackerel and Sweet dried fish to the participants.  

เอกอัครราชทูตและภริยา ร่วมกิจกรรม United Rice Ball ครั้งที่ 2 ณ ทำเนียบเอกอัครราชทูตฯ

... ข้าวไทยยังได้เป็นหนึ่งในส่วนประกอบสำคัญของอาหารญี่ปุ่นหลายอย่าง อาทิ สุรา Awamori ของจังหวัด Okinawa ข้าวเกรียบ โชยุ และ มิโซะ เป็นต้น นอกจากนี้ ในกิจกรรมดังกล่าว ภริยาเอกอัครราชทูตฯ ยังได้แนะนำเมนูข้าวปั้นที่ผสมผสานกับอาหารไทย ...

Thailand –Japan Relations

          Historical and commercial ties between Thailand and Japan can be traced back over 600 years to the 14th century when trade was conducted between Siam and Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa). The number of merchants going to Ayutthaya increased in the 16th century and with the issuance of trade licenses (trade by Red-Seal Ships) by the Tokugawa Government in 1604, trade between the two countries flourished. The Japanese were granted ...

The Embassy bid farewell to Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag

... Fukuoka. He visited many prefectures and cities outside of Tokyo, which led to the establishment of friendship association between Thailand and local towns, such as Akita, Yamagata and Sendai. The Thai Festival was also expanded to Saga, Fukuoka, Oita and Okinawa during his tenure. When natural disasters like the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016 and Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 occurred in Japan, Ambassador Bansarn made sure the Embassy was in close contact with agencies concerned in order to provide advice and ...

หน่วยงาน​ญี่ปุ่น​ที่​ให้คำปรึกษา​ทาง​โทรศัพท์ (ภาษา​ญี่ปุ่น)

... Information Center Kanasawa 07 6221 0242 Miyazaki Information Center Miyazaki 09 8522 2466 Toyama Information Center Toyama 07 6421 4811 Kagoshima Information Center Kagoshima 09 9226 3765 Takaoka Information Center Takaoka 07 6622 0765 Okinawa Information Center Okinawa 09 8833 5545 Fukui Information Center Fukui 07 6623 5255 Hokkaido Hokkaido Foreign Resident Support Center 01 1200 9595 วันจันทร์ - ศุกร์ ตั้งแต่เวลา 09.00 - 12....

The 17th Thai Festival in Osaka 2019

... event an important channel to promote relationship between Thailand and Japan in the people level. Thai Festivals, besides Tokyo and Osaka, are being organized in many other regions of Japan, namely Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Saga, Oita and Okinawa.

Royal Thai Embassy held the 20thThai Festival in Tokyo

... years, therefore it is considered an important occasion to promote public relationships between Thailand and Japan. This year, the Thai festival will be held 8 places other than Tokyo, such as Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Oita, Saga and Okinawa. This year's Thai festival in Tokyo had a theme with "the more we know Thailand, the more we love", and there was also OTOP Land area which brought Thai quality products to display and sell, in addition, there were many activities ...
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