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Sustainable Forest Management: SFM

Infographics from Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment of Thailand Download (PDF) or click at

Bajrasudha Gajanurak: A royal elixir to strengthen wild elephants

... this aspiration, the areas bordering forests in the provinces have been divided into three zones. The zoning approach creates a sustainable solution for coexistence between humans and wildlife, as natural separations enable seamless transitions between the two worlds. Therefore, the risk of possible confrontations between the two species is significantly reduced and becomes manageable. The zones include a forest conservation area as a natural dwelling for wild elephants, a buffer or in-between zone for both animals and humans and ...

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

... conditions. There must be proper promotion of knowledge and modern technology. The developments must be based on the principles of sustainable conservation and the development of natural resources. His Majesty’s New Theory proposes guidelines for the proper management of limited natural resources to achieve optimum benefit. It has been estimated that Thai farming households, consisting ... ... soil and water; improving deteriorated soil for natural farming; refores tation without planting; building check dams in the forests to conserve watershed areas; and using water hyacinth to solve the problem of polluted water. The simple operations of ...
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