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Chargé d' affaires ad interim attended Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival 2023 at Nittai-ji Temple

... interim of the Royal Thai Embassy, delivered remarks at the opening ceremony of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival 2023 at Nittai-ji Temple, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. The ceremony featured esteemed guests, including Mr. MIWA Yoshihiro - Royal Thai Honorary Consul-General in Nagoya and Honorary Chairman of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival Committee, Venerable MURAKAMI Enryu – Representative Sangha of Kakuozan Nittai-ji Temple and Chairman of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival Committee, Mr. HAYASHI Masahiro - Deputy Governor of Aichi Prefecture, and Mr. KAWAMURA Takashi ...

Thai Festival in Nagoya

Thailand will come to Sakae Hisaya Odori Park in the middle of Nagoya again this year! The Thai Festival in Nagoya was started in 2005 with the aim of introducing the charm and splendor of the Kingdom of Thailand, the land of smiles, to Nagoya. It is the third Thai festival in Japan after Tokyo and Osaka. For the two days of the event, the venue will resemble ...

タイフェスティバル in 名古屋

今年も名古屋の真ん中、栄・久屋大通公園にタイがやってきます! サワッディー・クラップ(こんにちは)! タイフェスティバル in 名古屋は2005年、‘微笑みの国’タイ王国の魅力・すばらしさを名古屋に紹介することを目的に始まった、東京・大阪に次ぐ日本で3番目のタイフェスティバルです。 ... ... エディオン久屋広場(久屋大通公園 久屋広場)主催タイフェスティバル in 名古屋実行委員会お問合せ 後援(予定含)愛知県/名古屋市/名古屋商工会議所/愛知県国際交流協会/タイ王国大使館/タイ王国大阪総領事館/タイ国政府貿易センター大阪/タイ王国名誉総領事館(名古屋)/タイ国政府観光庁大阪事務所/タイ国際航空 ...

Thai Festival 2023

... outdoor festivals organized by foreign missions in Japan and has been organized continuously for over 20 years. It serves as a significant mechanism for promoting people-to-people relations between Thailand and Japan. This year, in addition to Tokyo, Thai festivals were held or are going to be held across Japan in more than 10 other cities including Chiba, Osaka, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai, Kawasaki, Saga, Oita, and Kobe. From today to June 16, 2023, there is also a special campaign called "Fine Thai in Your Area," which gathers Thai restaurants, products, and goods at special prices, at ...

Ambassador Singtong expressed appreciation for Dr. Kobchai JITSAKULA’s cooperation to promote Thailand-Japan relations.

... Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, and Mrs. Porndee Lapisatepun, spouse of the Ambassador, hosted a luncheon in honour of Dr. Kobchai Jitsakula, President of Alliance Française-Thai, Chiang Rai, and founder of Chiang Rai Elephant Project, and his family members. On this occasion, Ambassador Singtong expressed ... ... “KOCHABUA”, using “lotus flower” as a symbol of Thailand-Japan relations, was presented to Kakuozan Nittaiji Temple in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, during the opening ceremony of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival on 1 October 2022. The Embassy appreciated this valuable presents and sincerely hopes that the Embassy will have an opportunity ...

Ambassador attended Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival at Nittaiji Temple and presented “KOCHABUA” elephant statue on the occasion of the 135th anniversary of Thailand-Japan diplomatic relations.

... organised by KakuozanNittaiji Temple to promote Japan-Thailand relations. Ambassador Singtong was honoured to deliver the Opening Remarks, together with VenerableMURAKAMI Enryu,Head Sangha of KakuozanNittaiji Temple and Head of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival Committee; Mr. MIWA Yoshihiro, Royal Thai Honorary Consul-General in Nagoya and Honorary Chairman of the Japan-Thailand Cultural Festival Committee; Mr.MATSUI Keisuke, Deputy Governor of Aichi Prefecture; and Mr. KAWAMURA Takashi, Mayor of Nagoya City. Ambassador Singtong also presented the “KOCHABUA” Chiang-Rai ...

Ambassador discussed cooperation with President of Yamamoriand Director of International Strategy Division of Mie Prefecture

... International Strategy Division, Mie Prefectural Government, paid a courtesy call on H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun. Both sides exchanged views on enhancing local-to-local cooperation between Thailand and Japan in various dimensions, particularly the Thai Festival in Nagoya and the amiable relations between Thailand and Mie Prefecture in which Mr. MITSUBAYASHI has actively played a crucial role. In addition, both sides discussed Japan’s technical intern trainee programme which contributes to Thailand’s human ...
Yamamori Mie

Thailand –Japan Relations

... and Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa). The number of merchants going to Ayutthaya increased in the 16th century and with the issuance of trade licenses (trade by Red-Seal Ships)... ... throne. The fish “Plaa Nin,” which became an important nutrient for the Thai people, was originally introduced to King Bhumibol from Crown Prince Akihito (now... ... expanding enthusiasm of local authorities and communities in Japan to establish“Thai Festivalin Tokyo, which has been well received by the Japanese public for 20 years.Similar events are now organised in Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Saga, Oita and Okinawa.           Bonds between...

The 17th Thai Festival in Osaka 2019

... addition, the Ambassador took this opportunity to thank Osaka City for all of the supports in organizing Thai Festivals for over 17 years, making the event an important channel to promote relationship between Thailand and Japan in the people level. Thai Festivals, besides Tokyo and Osaka, are being organized in many other regions of Japan, namely Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Saga, Oita and Okinawa.

Royal Thai Embassy held the 20thThai Festival in Tokyo

... in Japan, and has been organized for more than 20 years, therefore it is considered an important occasion to promote public relationships between Thailand and Japan. This year, the Thai festival will be held 8 places other than Tokyo, such as Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, Oita, Saga and Okinawa. This year's Thai festival in Tokyo had a theme with "the more we know Thailand, the more we love", and there was also OTOP Land area which brought Thai quality products to display and sell, in addition, there were many activities such as Line Stamp Rally with prizes ...
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