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The 5th Thailand – Japan High Level Joint Commission (HLJC)

... Smart City supported by Japan ASEAN Mutual Partnership (Smart JAMP) project in Phuket, Bangkok and Chonburi province, which is the location of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Third, on Cooperation for Connectivity Enhancement, Development of the Mekong Sub-region, and Healthcare Field, both sides reaffirmed to continue cooperation on the development of the high quality infrastructure to promote transport connectivity in the East West Economic Corridor (EWEC) and Southern Economic Corridor (SEC)....

The Grand Tour That Saved a Nation: King Chulalongkorn’s European Sojourn as a Lesson in Soft Power

... 1886-1896, Siam had to face a number of crises. In 1893, France sent gunboats up the Chao Phraya River, demanding compensation from Siam for skirmishes that resulted in the death of French troops. Siam painfully ceded substantial territories, east of the Mekong River, paid 3 million francs, and handed over temporary control of the port of Chanthaburi to France as collateral. Three years later in 1896, Britain and France signed the Anglo-French Agreement, essentially making Siam a “buffer” between ...
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