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2014.03.10 Minister gave lecture at the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

... 10 March 2014, Minister Singtong Lapisatepun gave a lecture at the seminar organized by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan.  In his talk under the subject “What Japan should do more at the time of crisis” to officers of the Cabinet Office, Minister Singtong talked about his experience in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011 and assistance from Thailand at that time.

Thai Forum : Captivating Thailand

... Kawashima, Prof. Shigeyo Kimura, Miss Maiko Ito and Mr. Yosuke Naito attended as panelists.The said seminar was to hear comments and opinions on Thailand at present by 130 Japanese participants. Interestingly, those participants traveled to Thailand several times and had opinions that Thai people and their point of views were the main components to make them to return to the country over times. Moreover, Thailand had many features to bring back Japanese people to the old days. And, plenty of aspects on Thailand ...

Ambassador Singtong's interview with Time Out Tokyo Magazine.

... few pointers on how to experience Thai culture in Tokyo – from cooking classes to Muay Thai sparring. Photo: Kisa Toyoshima Given your long experience in Japan, what’s your current impression of the country and how has it changed during your time here? I first arrived in Japan in 1978 – year 53 of the Showa era ­– and studied here for ten years before returning to Thailand. I then came back to work at the Embassy twice during the Heisei era, and now I’m here as ambassador, having assumed ...

07.30 Thai Government donated for North Kyushu flood

... Hiroshi Ogawa, Fukuoka Governor, and presented a 4-million-yen cheque.Upon the visits, both sides emphasized the strong ties of Thailand and Japan at all levels, from Royal Family level to people level, in particular the assistance to one another in times of need including the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan and severe flood in Thailand in 2011.    The financial assistance to Japan during this tough time indeed underscored their strong bond of friendship.As for Saga Prefecture, the Royal ...

2014.02.16-18 Ambassador officially visited Akita

During 16-18 February 2014, Ambassador Thanatip Upatising and Mme. Monthip Upatising, let representatives from Thai economy-related offices to officially visited Akita for the first time.  The visit was aimed at strengthening the bond between Thailand and Akita, while at the same time, providing information on trade and investment in a seminar on trade-investment in Thailand, held by Akita Prefecture and Hokuto Bank, the local bank....

Ambassador met with C.E.O. of G-Yu Creative Co., Ltd. to discuss about the organization of the Thai Festival Tokyo 2023

.... of G-Yu Creative Co., Ltd. and Ms. Tomomi Kobayashi, Executive Vice President, at the Embassy to discuss about the organization of the Thai Festival Tokyo 2023 on 20-21 May 2023 at the Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.   The Thai Festival has been held for 22 times. After the physical event at the Yoyogi Park was halted for 3 years due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this year, the Thai Festival Tokyo will be back to be held at the Yoyogi Park again. Hence, both sides attach great importance to the Thai Festival ...

2013.07.28 Thai youth football team won championship in Saitama International Junior Football Tournament 2013

... Saitama International Junior Football Tournament 2013 at Saitama Stadium 2002. The team won championship over Tokyo Metropolitan team with 4-2 scores by penalty short-out after tying the game at 1-1. Thailand has joined this annual tournament for nine times up to present and got championship for the third time this year.

11.07 Provincial Waterworks Authority Governor and Saitama Prefecture Official visited Chargé d’affaires

... Waterworks Authority to support water management in Chonburi Province under JICA Partnership Program.Under the 3-year-agreement (April 2012-March 2015), Saitama Prefecture agrees to send three experts to Thailand for two weeks, twice a year.  At the same time, four officers from Thailand’s Provincial Waterworks Authority also receive training in the prefecture for two weeks, twice a year.  The program is expected to help enhance Chonburi Province’s water treatment technology with necessary technical ...

Securing a lifeline for the people

... tied to party politics or factional interests. Indeed, when King Bhumibol acceded to the throne in 1946, Thailand was already a leading rice exporter and rice farmers accounted for around 80 percent of the country’s 17 million people. But by that time, the impact of the perennial paradox of experiencing both drought and flood seasons had become more severe due to excessive and uncontrolled timber logging. For farmers, dealing with dry and cracked land that was unsuitable for growing crops was ...

公使が投資誘致セミナー「Manufacturing Game Changers! It’s Time for Thailand」に出席

2023年6月27日、プラーンティップ・ガーンジャナハッタキット公使が、タイ工業団地公社 とタイ投資委員会(BOI)の協力で名古屋マリオットアソシアホテルにて開催された投資誘致セミナー「Manufacturing Game Changers! It’s Time for Thailand」に大使の代理として出席し、開会の挨拶をしました。 この機会に公使は、タイと日本が包括的戦略的パートナーシップに格上げされたことを特に、タイと日本の長年の友好関係及びタイの経済発展における日本からの投資の重要性などについて強調しました。公使はまた、名古屋の位置と産業の拠点としての独自性について語り、名古屋や近隣の都市からの投資家がタイへの投資に関心を持つようになることを期待していると述べました。
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