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Visa for bussiness,working and teaching

Change of Non-Immigrant Visa (B) As of 1st July 2008, the Non-Immigrant Visa will be categorised into 3 types as below. Change of Non-Immigrant Visa (B) As of 1st July 2008, the Non-Immigrant Visa will be categorised into 3 types as below. Non-Immigrant-B (Business) Non-Immigrant-B (Working) Non-Immigrant-B (Teaching)

Guidelines for applying a visa during the periods of COVID - 19

... appoint a representative to submit a visa application to the Embassy for these visa types: 1) Diplomatic / Official Visa (D / F) 2) Non - Immigrant Visa B (Working) 3) Non - Immigrant Visa O (Spouse / dependent of foreigner legally works in Thailand) 4) Non - Immigrant Visa B (Conducting of business / attending a meeting for a short period) 5) Tourist Visa - TR o For applying a Visa in no. 2), 3) and 4) above, a representative must be a Japanese who has been working in the same company or company group. The representative must prepare a ...

New Requirement documents For non Immigrant B VISA

... and be effective from 1st February 2015. The Royal Thai Embassy Tokyo announces that the required documents for non-immigrant B will amend and be effective from 1st February 2015. For the further information, please visit Non-Immigrant B (Working) Non-Immigrant B (Business) Before you apply for visa at the Royal Thai Embassy, Tokyo, please be informed that: Non-immigrant-B (Working) the Embassy may require additional documents and reserves the right to reject incomplete visa application. the issuance of visa is ...

Measures to enter Thailand for non-Thai nationals from 1 October 2021 onwards

... )                       (2) Copy of a valid passport                       (3) Copy of Certificate of Business Entity’s Affidavit                                              (4) Power of Attorney (if applicable) ... ... agency, the Thai agencies concerned, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.       2.3 For Certificate of Entry (COE) and Visa (Non-Immigrant B)      After receiving Fast Track Pass (FTP) and Travel Plan Pass (TPP), the sponsor agency shall send the said two documents ...

**Non-immigrant-ED (Education)

Non Immigrant ED  Visa 】 ( Education )  (1. For purposes of study / training / attending short – term courses in the government ... ... academic institutions under Ministry of Education. 2. For purposes of attending meetings or religious activities arranged by business / private entities in Thailand.) Note : Currently, unofficial courses such as language courses, boxing classes, etc. ...

Non-Immigrant Visa B (Conducting business)

Non-Immigrant Visa B (Conducting business) ※ This type of visa is provided for foreigners who (1) wish to conduct business in Thailand or (2) invest in condominiums in Thailand, have a Thai bank account or purchase a  Thai government bond with the equivalent amount of not less than ...
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