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2014.02.06 Finance Ministry’s Deputy Permanent Secretary visited Minister

... Parapantakul, Ministry of Finance of Thailand’s Deputy Permanent Secretary, led 11 representatives from the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) to meet with Minister Singtong Lapisatepun at the Royal Thai Embassy.... ... February 2014 to meet with directors from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) regarding development assistance for Mekong Sub-region neighbors (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam: CLMV) and JICA’s financial and academic support directions ...

2014.02.06-07 Ambassador joined Aichi-Nagoya Network & International Exchange Seminar in Aichi

... Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture.  Other ASEAN Ambassadors or high-ranking representatives to Japan also attended to give speeches on ASEAN business opportunities for Aichi investors. Ambassador pointed out on Thailand’s role in ASEAN, especially after ASEAN Economic Community will be established in 2015.  He highlighted on Thailand as the center of investment and production in the region, of which the business can be expanded to Mekong Region in the form of Thailand+1. The Ambassadors also participated in ANNIE Industrial Tour.  The program introduced Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Inazawa Works SOLAE, which invested in many ASEAN countries, and its subsidiary firm, Mitsubishi ...

Thai Ambassador was conferred Imperial Decoration

... the Royal and governmental visits, were most successful. The joint agreement on JTEPA in 2007 drives forward the Thai-Japan economic cooperation. On cultural sides, the Thai Festivals in Japan promote Thailand among Japanese people and encourage them ... ... participate more in this annual event. Besides, the celebration of the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations in 2007 and Japan-Mekong Exchange Year 2009 also support cordial relationship. H.E. Okada wishes Mr. Suvidhya will continue to help promote closer ...

The 5th Thailand – Japan High Level Joint Commission (HLJC)

... Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement, as well as cooperation on smart cities under Japan’s Smart City supported by Japan ASEAN Mutual Partnership (Smart JAMP) project in Phuket, Bangkok and Chonburi province, which is the location of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). Third, on Cooperation for Connectivity Enhancement, Development of the Mekong Sub-region, and Healthcare Field, both sides reaffirmed to continue cooperation on the development of the high quality infrastructure to promote transport connectivity in the East West Economic Corridor (EWEC) and Southern Economic Corridor (SEC)....

The Grand Tour That Saved a Nation: King Chulalongkorn’s European Sojourn as a Lesson in Soft Power

... of freedom and democracy. These days, a nation’s soft power continues to be associated with the popularity of its culture, economic performance, and its positive foreign policy contributions. Getting a lot of “likes” reflects a country’s relative ... ... from Siam for skirmishes that resulted in the death of French troops. Siam painfully ceded substantial territories, east of the Mekong River, paid 3 million francs, and handed over temporary control of the port of Chanthaburi to France as collateral. Three ...
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