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Ambassador attends 2021 Annual Meeting of Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association

  On 21 July 2021, H.E. Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun delivered a remark at the 2021 Annual Meeting of Yamagata - Thailand Friendship Association (YTFA). H.E. Ambassador expressed his appreciation to the YTFA’s continuous efforts in organizing various activities to expand connections between Yamagata Prefecture and Thailand in all areas amidst the COVID-19 ...


2021年7月21日、シントン・ラーピセートパン大使は山形県タイ友好協会主催の2021年度年次総会にオンラインで参加し挨拶を行いました。 大使は同協会がコロナ禍にあっても山形県とタイとの交流促進のために多様な活動を継続していることに感謝を表しました。また、山形市が東京オリンピックのホストタウンとしてタイの柔道チームを支援していることに感謝し、大会での選手への応援を呼び掛けました。...


เมื่อวันที่ 21 กรกฎาคม 2564 นายสิงห์ทอง ลาภพิเศษพันธุ์ เอกอัครราชทูต ณ กรุงโตเกียว ได้ร่วมกล่าวเปิดการประชุมประจำปีของสมาคมมิตรภาพจังหวัดยามากาตะ-ไทย ผ่านระบบการประชุมทางไกล เอกอัครราชทูตฯ...

President of the Yamagata - Thailand Friendship Association paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... courtesy call on Ambassador Singtong Lapisatepun on the occasion of the New Year and delivered the Keio Sakura of the Higashine City, Yamagata Prefecture, which specially blooms in winter to the Ambassador. The Ambassador reassure the importance of the Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association, which has greatly strengthened the relations between Thailand - Japan.  In addition, the Yamagata - Thailand Friendship Association was established on 5 November 2018. Currently, there are 220 juristic members and 24 persons. The association has organized various activities to tie the bilateral relations ...

The Vice President of Shonai Bank paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... 19 June 2019, Mr. Giichiro Harada, Vice President of Shonai Bank, which is the main organization for the establishment of the Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association paid a courtesy call on Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag and delivered the cherry that is well ... ... concern that Yamagata Prefecture was affected by the earthquake on the night of 18 June 2019. Yamagata has cooperation with Thailand in many dimensions, such as the cooperation between Chiang Mai University and Yamagata University. In addition, the Ambassador ...

The Ambassador led Team Thailand to Yamagata

On 4- 6 November 2018, Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag led Team Thailand in Tokyo to visit Yamagata prefecture according to the invitation of Mr. Masashi Ueno, President of the Shonai Bank to attend the reception party for the Yamagata – Thailand establishment celebration. The Yamagata-Thailand Friendship Association was established after Ambassador Bansarn visited Yamagata prefecture between 29 -30 November 2017 and it aimed to enhance the cooperation between Thailand and Yamagata in every dimension. On 4- 6 November 2018,...
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