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The Princess of Humanity

... only a few Siamese girls attended school. Yet, despite her status of a princess, she led a simple, humble and down-to-earth life until her very last day. That is why the people’s sentiment towards her is a warm and caring bond, as if she were their ... ... Mahidol rather than as a princess. A Thai proverb that underlines the influence of mothers on their children states that ‘a good elephant is detectable from its tail and a good lady is identifiable from her mother.’ In the case of the Princess, her thoughtful ...

Condolences for the passing away of Thai elephant “Arthit” at the Ueno Zoological Gardens

... the Royal Thai Embassy wishes to express our sincere appreciation to Elephant “Arthit” for being a Goodwill Ambassador, having put smiles on million faces and contributing to the strengthening relations between Thailand and Japan throughout his life. The Embassy will also continue to work closely with the Ueno Zoological Gardens to take good care of elephant “Uthai”.  Photo Cr.
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