Thai Economy

"Thailand Strong"

The article from TIME online 

In an age of disruption, no disrupter has been greater than Covid-19. The coronavirus’s toll on human health is undeniable. But business has also been hit hard. Lockdowns and quarantines have broken supply chains around the world. Shipments of goods, including food and medicines, have run into roadblocks, leaving countless people in need. The virus exploited weaknesses in our immune system. The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in our global system of manufacturing and trade.

One country that has managed to contain the pandemic, keep its factories churning, and supply chains flowing is the Kingdom of Thailand. Nowhere has that been more evident than in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), Thailand’s advanced development zone, and home to clusters of hi-tech industries. The pandemic forced parts of the economy to shut down, but the Corridor’s logistics networks – its ports, airports, trains, highways, and digital links – remained operational. Meanwhile, the government is building even more infrastructure to boost connectivity further. Investors are taking note of that commitment and resilience as they rethink how to do business in a changed world. continue reading

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