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How to schedule your Visa Appointment Booking Online (VABO) ?

  1. Applicants must read and accept Terms of Services before using this service.
  2. Fill in the appointment form.
  3. The applicant's name must match exactly the name in your passport. If the name on the appointment schedule does not match the name in your passport, your visa application will be rejected and the new VABO must be made.
  4. Please check spellings and the information required.
  5. After filling in all fields, click "submit request."
  6. Print the VABO confirmation receipt. Confirmation receipt will be sent to e-mail addressed you have provided.
  7. Present the VABO confirmation receipt at the Visa Section on the date and the timeslot of your appointment.
  8. If you cannot print the VABO confirmation slip, please submit a copy of your passport on the date and timeslot of your appointment.
  9. Please arrive at the Visa Section at the timeslot you have booked. If you fail to show up at the scheduled timeslot, you are required to schedule a new VABO.
  10. You are not allowed to amend your VABO. To cancel your VABO, copy Cancel Code and paste it on Cancel Code field and click Cancel Now.
  11. To book a new visa appointment, you must cancel your VABO previously made.
  12. A VABO can be made not later than 05.00 am of the date you wish to submit your visa application.

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