Type of Visa

** Diplomatic/ Official Visa

Diplomatic/Official Visa

(To perform official duties, and engage solely in official activities)


Required documents for applying a visa in the periods of Coronavirus COVID – 19 outbreak


1.      Valid Passport  : Valid for no less than 6 months and has at least TWO completely empty pages.

2.      Application form  : Completely filled in and signed by the applicant.  The form can be   

3.      One color photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm.) : Please attach the photo to the form with glue.

4.     An original Note Verbale issued within fourteen (14) days  : The Note Verbale must contain the applicant's name, position,  date of entry, length of stay, and assignment / purpose of visit as well as name and position of the incumbent or the person whom the applicant will be replaced.

5.     An Original Diplomatic/Official I.D. Card with one copy.

     6.    Airline ticket or confirmation slip which is issued by airline’s office ,with applicants name , flight number as well as date of entry


● You must enter Thailand on the date specified in the Note Verbale..

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