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タイ王国大使館の後援名義使用許可を申請する方は、下記の書類を大使館にお送りください。 使用許可を求める英文の手紙 事業の詳細・資料(企画書、ポスター等)       必要項目      1. 事業の目的      2. タイとの関連性      3. 主催者の情報      4. 共催者、後援名義者、協力会社などのリスト(申請中を含む)      5. 本事業以外に過去に開催したことがある事業...

Ambassador welcomes a person with a disability under the 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project.

... Thailand.Thailand also supports the role of the people with disabilities in the international arena, such as Mr. Monthian Buntan, who was elected as a member of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for a total of 8 years and presently nominating Mrs. Saowalak Thongkuay to be designated as a member of the Committee for 2021-2024. The 2020 Japan Barrier-Free Project is supported by the Japanese Government to promote the well-being of the people with disabilities. The activity at the Embassy was participated by representatives from various sectors, including Mr. KOBAYASHI Hideaki, former Ambassador of Japan to Thailand,...
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