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2022年10月11日、タイ王国大使館農務担当官事務所サコン・ワナセッティー参事官と公益社団法人国際農業者交流協会(JAEC)業務部の久保寺翔太氏がタイへ帰国前の第39期農業研修生11人を連れてシントン・ラーピセートパン大使を表敬訪問しました。 大使は、困難がありながらも研修を修了した農業研修生たちに祝辞を述べ、研修生が日本の農業における利点と技術を持ち帰り、国及び家業の農業をさらに発展させることを期待しました。また、JAEC...

The delegation of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center visited the Embassy

... PrasitChumueng, Vice Secretary-General of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center, paid a courtesy call on H.E. Ambassador Bansarn Bunnag at the Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo to discuss their current activities and cooperation between the Royal Thai Embassy and the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center. The group visited Japan to follow up on the progress of the youth in the southern part of Thailand encouragement program and to exchange language and culture in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

Building Thailand-Japan friendship with the Japanese Youth at Kogai Elementary School in Tokyo

On 11 December 2020 the Royal Thai Embassy was invited to introduce Thailand to grade 5 and 6students at Kogai Elementary Schoo lin Minato City in Tokyo. The Embassy believes that getting to know Thailand from a young age helps build a long-lasting friendship between Thailand and ...

กลุ่ม MFFGROUP MFFGROUP MFF ASA 85 visited the Royal Thai Embassy, TokyoMFF ASA 85 เข้าเยี่ยมคารวะผู้แทนสถานเอกอัครราชทูตฯ

... students of MFFGROUP MFF ASA 85 at the Embassy. MFFGROUP MFF ASA 85 is a volunteer band made up of a group of music-loving youths from the Music for Future School and Music for Fun Academy. The project allows children to spend their free times to not ... ... concerts to raise funds for good causes and in various countries such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, in order to promote Thai cultures. As for this year, MFFGROUP MFF ASA 85 performed mini concerts at Thai Festivals in Aeon Town Narita Tomisato and ...
MFF Group

The Royal Thai Embassy welcomes Robot Sumo organisers.

... Thailand’s P Robot company in cooperation with Fujisoft. The Thai national winning team will be joining in the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament in Japan, together with national winners from other countries. The Royal Thai Embassy is delighted to support Thai youth to participate in the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament event, which is in line with the Royal Thai Government’s policy in promoting robotic innovation. The Embassy also looks forward to welcoming the Thai national team who will come to Tokyo on ...

The Embassy promoted Thai culture at the Thai Festival, AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin 2023

... activities including Muay Thai demonstrations, Muay Thai workshops, photo sessions with Muay Thai champions, and amateur Muay Thai competitions. The competition was well received by audiences of all ages and genders. Of the total 114 participants were 46 youths and 68 adults. AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin and the Royal Thai Embassy hosted the Thai Festival for the second consecutive year to foster the cordial relations between Thailand and Japan. There is a strong intention to continue co-organizing the Thai Festival as an annual event at the AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin ...

OISCA President and executive members paid a courtesy call on Ambassador.

... call on H.E. Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, to inform the Ambassador on the progress of OISCA’s activities in Thailand. In 2022, OISCA organizes different types of reforestation activities in Thailand and educates youth and Thai farmers on nature conservation. An Eco-Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) project, including educating local Thai people on reforestation to prevent natural disasters, was conducted in Surin, Chiang Rai, and Ranong provinces. The project in Chiang ...


2022年11月11日、ロムデジ・ピサラポン公使参事官は日本科学未来館にて開催された科学技術振興機構(JST)が主催する「さくらサイエンス・ハイスクールプログラム第3陣」の閉会式に参加しました。 同プロジェクトは世界中の青年に向け、日本の科学技術分野のイノベーション知識に触れ、学ぶ機会を与える目的で開催され、今回は7ヵ国(ブラジル、チリ、カザフスタン、キルギスタン、パラオ、ペルー、タイ)の高校生と引率者、計36名が参加しました。タイからは、パヤオ県1名、ナコンラーチャシーマー県1名、バンコク都2名の計4名が参加しました。ロムデジ公使参事官は、タイ代表の学生らを激励し、来日中の経験などについて懇談しました。...

Ambassador gave a special lecture at Kokushikan University

On 20 July 2023, H.E. Mr. Singtong Lapisatepun, Ambassador of Thailand to Japan, gave a special lecture on “The Past and Future of Japan – Thailand Relations: Expectations for the Next Generation of Japanese Youth" to over 300 students of Kokushikan University at Setagaya campus. On this occasion, Prof. SUKEGAWA Seiya showed the Thai delegation around the Maple Century Building, where a hall of fame of Universities’ Olympic Medalists is located, and the training hall of Judo, the sport of which Kokushikan University is famous. The Ambassador also met and exchanged views ...

The wild boars team paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... team visiting Japan during 5-9 April 2019 under the activity of “the 13 Wild Boars to express gratitude to everyone from around the world” in Japan according to the invitation of the Codomo Energy Company. The Ambassador gave lecture to the youth about acting as a goodwill ambassador between Thailand and Japan; especially on the occasion that they will represent the good wishes from Thai people to visit Fukushima Prefecture, which is a disaster area from the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.
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