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Deputy Chief of Mission gave an opening speech at the Japan Roadshow 2023 “Migrant & Long Stay Thailand Seminar”

... organised by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo. On this occasion, Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. emphasized that Thailand is suitable for long-stay foreign residents as the country provides ... ... Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Based on a law passed by the Thai parliament in 2003, program members can enjoy a variety of business and tourist benefits, including issuance of visas, bank accounts, and a wide range of business and tourist activities. More information regarding Thailand Elite Card can ...


... Ø 有効なタイランドエリートカード Ø タイランド・プリビレッジ・カード社 (Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. / Thailand Elite)、またはタイ王国観光・スポーツ省、または関係政府機関発行の書類... ... 全てのファイルに名前を入れて添付ファイルにてお送りください。例えば、1 passport photo, 2 visa or re-entry page, 3 air ticket, 4 declaration form, 5 health insurance, 6 ASQ... ... 渡航目的申請者名(英語)】と記載してください。 例 1 December 2020::Business::Mr.Taro YAMADA      1 December 2020::Business Family Member::Mrs.Sakura...
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