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**Tourist Visa 【TR】

... condominium / apartment / house.    9.2 Invitation letter from friend or member of family in Thailand together with copies of Thai national ID, and for a non-Thai national's friend or member of family, copies passport with valid visa pages and valid working permits are required.  10. Details of itinerary and purpose of visit.  11. Occupation ’ s documents         a. For company employee, an original certificate of employment, certificate of leave and an original copy of company’s registration ...

Securing a lifeline for the people

... followed suit by upgrading them into more systematic irrigation and drainage systems, which led to the establishment of the Canals Department in 1902. Under King Vajiravudh, the Canals Department became the Barrages Department in 1914, as it expanded its work to construct the first large-scale barrage across the Pasak River in Ayutthaya, named the Rama VI Barrage.  Photo: Rama VI Barrage/Dam, which began construction in late 1915 and was completed in December 1924. Its function is to supply water to ...

Icon NOW: Lee Ayu Chuepa Brews Inclusive Growth with Artisanal Coffee

... higher education. Despite pushback from his community, he went on to search for scholarships. And despite all doubts and discrimination, he proved his ability and eventually enrolled in a university in Chiang Mai, majoring in English. Lee Ayu Chuepa working with Child’s Dream Foundation to improve rural education. Source: Child’s Dream Foundation Read More

นายกรัฐมนตรีมีหนังสือแสดงความยินดีถึงนายสึกะ โยชิฮิเดะ นายกรัฐมนตรีญี่ปุ่น ในโอกาสเข้ารับตำแหน่ง

... resource development and local-to-local cooperation. It is my earnest hope, therefore, that Thailand and Japan will continue to follow through and build on these areas of cooperation under the HLJC.                In this regard, I look forward to working closely with you to further deepen and expand relations between Thailand and Japan in all dimensions for the mutual benefit of our two countries and peoples, and for the progress of the international community. Particularly important will be our ...

รองนายกรัฐมนตรีและรัฐมนตรีว่าการกระทรวงการต่างประเทศส่งข้อความสารแสดงความยินดีถึงนายโมเทกิ โทชิมิทสึ รัฐมนตรีว่าการกระทรวงการต่างประเทศญี่ปุ่น ในโอกาสที่ได้รับแต่งตั้งให้ดำรงตำแหน่งอีกสมัย

... which we reaffirmed the close strategic partnership between Thailand and Japan amid the COVID-19 situation and exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.                    In this connection, I wish to reaffirm my commitment to continue working with you to further strengthen the strategic partnership between Thailand and Japan in all dimensions for the mutual interests of our two countries, peoples and the region at large. I also look forward to having the pleasure of welcoming you on ...

Govt to assess post-holiday COVID-19 situation before making decision on related measure adjustment

... to minimize chance of disease spread. The Government Spokesperson added that the people should still keep their guard up especially after the New Year Holidays by always wearing mask, washing hands, and keeping social distancing. They are urged to work from home for 14 days, and conduct ATK test once every 3 days. Read More :

KOWA Executives paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... common interest and the way forward for potential collaboration, including cooperation with Thailand in the health sector such as the clinical trial in relation to COVID-19, as the company believes in Thailand’s medical industry and readiness to work together in this field.

JTBF’s committee members paid a courtesy call on the Ambassador

... Thailand to Japan, to introduce a new team of the Planning Committee. Mr. KOYAMA Mitsutoshi, former Chairman who served for 20 years, also joined the delegation. On this occasion, the Ambassador expressed his gratitude towards Mr. KOYAMA and JTBF for working closely with the Embassy for years to strengthen economic relations between Thailand and Japan. Mr. SATO also showed his strong determination to continue the relevance of JTBF, as Friend of Thailand, in enhancing collaborative friendship between ...

Royal Imprint on Thailand’s Christian Community

... Chulalongkorn, was the first monarch from a non-Christian kingdom to visit the Vatican in 1897 where he met with Pope Leo XIII. The promotion of education in the provinces was among the priorities of King Vajiravudh, a shared goal with the Christian missionary work of the early 20 th century. In 1906, while still the Crown Prince, he visited the Chiang Mai Boys' School, which was established by the American Presbyterian Mission. He graciously presided over the cornerstone laying ceremony of the new building ...

The Princess of Humanity

... call her Somdet Ya or “Princess Grand ma,” an address that rightfully reflects the deep affection and respect she has earned from the Thai people. The Princess was an exemplary model of a dutiful mother, a lifelong learner and a dedicated working woman who never once let time pass idly by. She was a shining case in point of a woman empowered by education, which was a rare case in the first decades of the 20 th century when only a few Siamese girls attended school. Yet, despite her status ...
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